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Take a Master Class in creating a cafe from idea to living, revenue generating space. 
With over 12 hours of video, worksheets, tools, and guides you will be able to learn and navigate the world of cafe creation at your own pace learning from professionals at the top of their game.

Online Shop Business Partners
Architects at Work

Going Live

Bringing Your Cafe to Life

- HR - hiring guides for staff from GM to Kitchen and Baristas
- **:30 minutes from HR specialist CSJ Caffé Nero
- Lease Negotiation tips, pitfalls and questions, power load, carting, plumbing, grease trap etc.
- ** Leasing Agent Talks
- Distributors and Vendor set up **talk from Ace Endico / Cheney Bros)
- ordering and Pars (Order sheets, kitchen communication sheets, delivery log
- Setting up systems and training materials
- Our Editable Coffee *Training manual*

Construction Phase Planning

Your Cafe Build Out

Now that your business is set up and you've found a space, it's time to layout your space and start the construction process. Here is your roadmap to get the wrecking ball rolling. - Design and Layout basic principals and resources - Kitchen Layout basic principals and resources - Construction team, what you need from them - Project Manager **Kathy Kim chimes in on pitfalls to watch for and tips :30 minutes - DOH filing tools - DOH inspection tool and guide book - DOH on site sheets (each state is different) Refrigerator temp logs, sanitation, bathroom cleaning log - Security Systems and video cameras - Sound system and Internet planning

Pre-Construction Planning

Your Cafe from the Ground Up

A full, in-depth, online course for going through all the necessary steps, resources and tools you'll need to create your dream cafe with you leading the charge. 3hrs video coaching + worksheets + templates and tools to give you an edge - Includes: - Retail creation map - Creating a Business Plan - CG Feedback from an expert- Brand Creation guides and tools - Menu Development - Equipment Selection - Finding an architect, what they do for you (DOB filing, EMP plans) - ** visit from Dave Obechowski Architect

Tire Kickers

Want to test if you even want to open a cafe on your own?

Take this tutorial that outlines the entire process followed by a cafe owner personality test. Let your score help you make your decision. Includes: - Retail creation map - 1.5 hours of video explaining the process and requirements in depth - Real life examples of cafes we have created and the outcomes - Cafe Owner personality test and score with personal comments from Cafe Guru - additional Live Q&A available at $75/hr.

Course Overview: Admissions
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