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Cafe Guru is a creation from F+B Therapy, a food and beverage consulting company created by Jake Leonti. Mr. Leonti has been an educator and coffee professional for over 20 years. Jake is always trying to spread more knowledge with actual results. Jake has always been committed to improving the coffee value chain one link at a time through innovation and creative problem solving. 

Cafe Guru is an extension of Mr. Leonti's and F+B Therapy's mission

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Jake Leonti

Cafe Guru

Jake Leonti has worked in food and beverage for over 20 years at every level from barista, cafe manager, wholesale, roaster, green grader and importer. 

Mr. Leonti is a member of the SCA Roasters Guild, Certified Pro Barista, Maestro del Gelato, Editor-in-Chief of CoffeeTalk Magazine and Host of F+B Therapy Podcast. Jake also is a frequent instructor for Coffee Fest and New York Coffee Festival.


The future I want to live in is not a completely homogenous world of chain after chain. The future I want to live in is littered with individual, cafes and coffee shops in idiosynchratic neighborhoods. I want to be in places of personality and variety.

When I travel from one city to another I want to know I am somewhere different, somewhere unique.

That is why I created Cafe Guru - to empower the entrepreneur to create new things from different points of view. To create successful businesses but with your own creative stamp on it.

I've already been helping open cafes for more than 10 years and there is a current opportunity for new operators and fresh concepts to come to the surface and build their own reality. I am an entrepreneur so I'm always a champion of other entrepreneurs. Cafe Guru is the perfect solution for a newcomber to the industry to get the best start possible.

The bespoke program can work for new businesses or existing brands. We have worked with large chains as well as owner/operators.

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