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Custom Franchise

The Chain Without A Name

Looking for all the support, systems and advantages of a franchise while maintaining your own identity?  That is what our Custom Franchise program is all about. 
Let us share our 20+ years of experience in coffee shops and give you the tools to make your own shop a success right from the beginning.

Custom Franchises: About


How We Make It A Reality

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Branding + Website

Exceeding Expectations

Every great coffee house has a brand and a website - so will yours. Cafe Guru has a stable of in-house designers ready to create your logo, packaging design and website so you can start selling immediately.

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Design + Equipment

Committed to Quality

Scouting a location, finding the right space and then designing it for effenciency, flow and beauty can be a balancing act. Cafe Guru have built dozens of spaces across the US and abroad. We know how to layout spaces for a great experience for customers and staff while outfitting you with the best equipment for the concept you have.

Coffee Beans

Coffee + Products

Our True Passion

Sourcing and roasting coffee is a skill and a craft. Cafe Guru has been cultivating this craft for fifteen years and we're happy to share it We provide custom labeled coffees, tea, chocolate and syrups. We also help you connect with additional vendors you need to stock your kitchens and counters to create a memorable experience for your guests. 
We Offer coffees in the traditional Italian style and the modern American 3rd wave style.

Custom Franchises: Services

More Services

The Nitty Gritty

Hiring + Training

Giving You The Tools

Your staff make the difference between success and failure. They are the face, voice and hands of the business. Cafe Guru will give you the tools and insights to make good hiring decisions and then train your staff to provide great products and service every day. 
You will have a structured training program with ready-made lesson plans and the skills to teach them.


Systems + Operations

Consistency is King

The ability to grow from one unit to ten is all about the systems and operations you put into place. Cafe Guru has already opened shops for twenty years and we are ready to share our systems with you. Your success is our success and we want to succeed.


Ongoing Support

Always Evolving

We don't just set you up and leave you to fend for yourself. Cafe Guru provides continuous support for your coffee shop. 
We continue to release new menu items with recipes and training to introduce them. We provide ongoing technical service management for your equipment and staff training. 
We're ready to help make your business a success so you don't have to stop at one shop.

Custom Franchises: Services
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